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Your Thoughts are Poweful

It is amazing to me to watch the train of my thoughts and realize that mastering that train is a full time endeavor.  For most people, the need to master what they think about is not even a priority and yet it is the common theme behind all successful people.  I am not just talking about financially successful but any kind of success.
Just the science alone attributes changes in our own immune system in response to how we are feeling.  How we feel is always about what we are thinking about.  What we think about is completely under our control.  Yet no one teaches anyone about how to master what they think about in mainstream education.
People seem to use their circumstances as the source of their thought but that is a very shaky foundation.  Your circumstances are interpreted by your thoughts about your circumstances.  What you think about your circumstances has been taught to you by watching and learning from others who don’t know how to master their thoughts.
It appears that we have a spiral of renegade thinking that trends toward unpredictability at best.  We wonder why things are good one moment and then not so good the next.  We wonder why we have fear and worry and guilt creeping into our thoughts as if we have no control.  We wonder why we can’t sleep at night thinking about things and in that moment we want to sleep and don’t plan on doing anything about anything.
There are so many ways to master your mind and what you think and it is quite an amazing way to live.  Imagine feeling good or great in each moment.   Imagine loving fully without reservation or fear.  Imagine easily finding yourself flowing into the life you want to live.  That is the beauty of becoming the master of your own mind.
I will give you the first step and that is to just become aware that you can become the master of your own mind and notice the dominant emotion you carry because of the thoughts you tend to think.  Know that the only reason you can have a negative emotion is because your thoughts are not in agreement with your truth.  Your negative emotion is telling you that you have forgotten your own magnificence and power.  In forgetting that you have forgotten the magnificence and power of another as well.
It is easy…much easier than living at the mercy of a roller coaster of negativity that comes when you don’t master your own mind.  Life was meant to be a joyous adventure and not a chore with an occasional break.
What have you got to loose by changing how you think except all the negative aspects of life and you have everything to gain by becoming the spectacular and unlimited being you were meant to be.
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