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Dreams, Senses and Emotion

We seem to go through life doing things backwards and making things more difficult.  We seem to think that without hardship there will be no reward.  Yet there are many who are rewarded without hardship and many who endure hardship and never experience any reward.

The idea that we create our own reality seems like a hard pill to swallow for most.  The thing that I don’t quite get is that most people will swallow the pill that life is chance and we don’t really have any control over what happens to us.  That seems so much more difficult to embrace and yet most do.  Truly doesn’t make sense to me.  Why would anyone want to live in a world that was that not fair.  At least if I know I am the one creating my reality even though I am not fully aware of how to do it most effectively, at least there is the possibility of improvement.

In applying certain processes in thinking and practices that lead to more joy and appreciation, the evidence of your own experience will start to prove how powerful you are in life.  Even without evidence just the comfort, relaxation and elimination of worry, guilt and stress that comes with understanding that you are the power behind your life and no one else’s life is liberating.

First and foremost, you will get to your goals or dreams easily when you have a clear vision of your endpoint.  When you can think and imagine that end point with all your senses and the emotion that you would feel experiencing that goal accomplished or dream realized.

Dust off your dream machine and play with it regularly.  You will find that it feels good, it is fun, and somehow the circumstances, people and experiences will show up in your life and you will easily act in whatever way is necessary without struggle or hardship.

Life was meant to be fun, so enjoy your full magnificence.

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