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Embrace your Magnificence





Some of us have to hit rock bottom to realize there is nothing to fear and that we have the ability to create our own reality.  There is no need to hit rock bottom, no need to suffer, no need to struggle.  We have been taught or inherited the belief in limitation.  We have been taught that the experience is the truth.  However there is equal validity to “the experience is the truth” as there is to “we create our own experience with our beliefs and thoughts”.  In fact you can create the reality that the experience is the truth by believing it is true.

If you broaden your scope and look at the data that is available, you will have to admit that the only law that makes logical sense is that you create your own reality.  What you believe will be true, will be true for you.  Wouldn’t you want to believe you create your own reality?  That would give you the possibility to make your world and experience everything you dream of being and having.

There are many who have done this already and they give us hints but you are powerful enough to figure it out for yourself.  The intention to figure it out will bring insights and information flooding into your awareness in many forms.  There are a few constant themes that seem to be appreciation, staying in the moment, not judging, paying attention to your feelings to know whether your thoughts and beliefs are working for or against you, and learning to love yourself unconditionally.

You can make your life even more amazing than it already is and whether you know it or not there is amazing in your life right now.  You are an amazing and powerful , unlimited being.

Enjoy your unlimited power and potential and enter into the awareness of your magnificence.

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