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Life is Simple, Enjoy this Moment





We make life so very complicated when in reality it is quite simple. You don’t have to find out why your life is the way it is or why you do the things you do or why others do what they do. All you have to do is enjoy this moment and appreciate yourself in this moment. The experiences that you don’t like in yourself, in others, in your life only serve to clarify what you want. In the moment you notice something you want to change then appreciate the clarity and turn your attention to the circumstance that you desire as you find things in your now to enjoy and appreciate. No complicated psychotherapy needed. Just make the enjoyment of this moment a priority and the rest will unfold like magic.
It does take a little attention to develop that habit as most of us have developed the opposite habit of dwelling on the past and worrying about the future. Neither of these habits serves to get you what you want or allow you to lead others out of there self imposed prisons. I see the phenomenal ability of all to have amazing and happy experiences. I see it every day as I go through life encountering many phenomenal people. I know that they are just scratching the surface of their magnificent potential as am I. Let’s reach for a new star while we enjoy the beautiful sky we already have.

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