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Ending Worry




Question all things: Is worry necessary? Does worrying about someone mean you love them? Can worrying about someone actually make the situation worse? Do I need to worry about that, too? Isn’t worrying just a natural response to life challenges?
The answers are No, No, Yes, No, No.
Worrying is an unnecessary choice we have been taught by well meaning but misguided people in our lives. Worrying about someone is not about loving them but rather about forgetting how amazing you are and they are. If the person you are worrying about does not have a healthy self image and you are an important part of their life then worrying about them will make the situation worse. Worrying is never a good choice under any circumstances. And again, worrying is a learned response and not a natural reaction.
So how does one stop the habit of worrying? Depending on how bad your habit is it could be as simple as realizing it serves no purpose at best and is damaging at worst and you make the obvious choice think good thoughts, pleasure thoughts, thoughts about how you would like it to turn out instead of worrying. If you habit is firmly entrenched you may need to distract yourself from the thought with breathing or tapping techniques when you don’t have access to other distractions like enjoying good music, dancing, watching a movie or comedy, doing a hobby you love, playing a sport you love, reading, spending time with someone who is uplifting, meditating.
You can get to a place where you don’t worry and on the rare occasion you do you can easily change your train of thought but that process is a little more involved…maybe for tomorrow’s post. Enjoy you magnificent life as it becomes just that and more.

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