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Master Your Mind




In every moment there are so many techniques to find ways to use your mind that brings you to a feeling of joy, peace, excitement, inspiration and appreciation. Each and every one of us has that ability and the question is why don’t we use it. When you make feeling great a high priority regardless of your circumstances then your circumstances will change. It is something you don’t have to believe but merely be open to the idea and your experiences in life will prove without a doubt that this is true.
It doesn’t mean you have to accept or ignore situations that are negative. In fact it is the most effective way to eliminate and change them. You have to be willing to take your focus off the problem and open your mind to solutions and then practice feeling as great as possible. If there is no solution then jump to the resolution in your mind or take some time to distract yourself from the problem altogether so that the solutions may show up in your world. They will.
We are not taught how to master our mind but it is possible and in mastering it we have the power to be, do or have anything we believe is possible.

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