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Enjoy Every Gift of Every Person

When you finally start to realize your true worth and magnificence you must accept that every person you meet has the same worth and magnificence.  It is sometimes hard to swallow that this is true of the annoying person, the slacker at work, the incompetent person, the “two-faced” person, the rude person, and the list goes on not to mention criminals etc.
The truth is that they too are worthy and magnificent and may have just forgotten.  The truth is also true that they can’t bring that behavior into your experience unless you give it your attention.  Those kind of experiences in my life have been my greatest opportunity to learn what misguided beliefs and insecurities I carried with me and enabled me to rid myself of most of them.  It is an ongoing upward spiral but becomes almost addictive like probably that Candy Crush game…lol
You will get to a point where you can genuinely feel love and compassion for every person and become like a detective knowing that the clues to their magnificence are in there and finding them and recognizing them and enjoying the prize.
The prize is variable.  Sometimes the person changes before your eyes and becomes who they were truly meant to be.  That is probably my favorite.  The problem is that if you are still mired in your own discomfort you will not want anything good for this annoying person.  When you rid yourself of whatever insecurity or misguided belief you have you will only want wonderful and glorious things for every person.  The prize is not ever being annoyed by this particular issue and this person again.  And that is another way you win for if the person doesn’t become enjoyable they cease to do what annoyed you around you or leave your presence completely.  It is not your responsibility to save anyone else from their experience.  They too are all powerful and capable of moving through to another experience.
Imagine what it would be like if you loved and enjoyed every person you came into contact with.  If every person had some sort of gift for you.  If you felt like you were with your best friend, completely at ease and with no guard up, being just yourself without fear and knowing you are loved and loving.
That is entirely possible and makes life so much easier.  Honestly I can’t imagine doing it differently now that I have experienced it.  Some have accused me of being strong in order to live this way and I would say to the contrary that I am not strong enough to live it any other way.  It takes so much more effort to live with your guard up and not have love and appreciation in your every moment.  So in a way I am just lazier than most…lol
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