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Give Airtime to Your Authentic Dreams and Desires

Maybe so far you haven’t made any steps toward living the life of your dreams.  Maybe so far the steps you did take were unsuccessful or downright painful.  Maybe the thought of doing anything about your dreams makes you uncomfortable.  Maybe it sounds too difficult, or impossible, or would require sacrifices you are not willing to make, or that other parts of your life will suffer because of your dream or desire.  Maybe you think going after your dream or desire is wrong and selfish.
These thoughts that generate the feelings that keep you from allowing your dream life to become the life you live are the result of errors in your belief system.  These errors are rampant in our world, passed down through generations of people that forgot who they are as well.
Your authentic self will have authentic dreams and desires.  It will not have dreams and desires born of what others and the media believe should be their dream.  Those authentic dreams will be easy and flow to you without any effort on your part even though it may look like that to someone else.  You will be inspired to any action and that action will be like playing or dancing or having fun.  Your authentic dream will also enhance the lives of all those who are meant to be in your life.  They will fit like pieces of a puzzle into the authentic dream of all your loved ones and acquaintances.
Your inner wisdom is correct that to chase the making of more money is not anyone’s authentic dream.  The actual dream is to be free.  Yes, money as a spiritual tool is a very effective way to be free.  I will never say money is bad as it is just a tool.  It can be used for amazing things and it can be used for the opposite.
The problem is that most people think that their dream is to have more money when really their dream is to be free to do what they want to do.  When you start dreaming about what you want to do and focus on that instead of money then the money comes.
I am constantly amazed by how some people seem to make things happen in their life easily even though they don’t have a large income and others with large incomes never seem to be able to do what they love.
On the other hand, not to give equal time to all aspects, I do notice that people with more abundance and affluence have incredibly balanced and fulfilled lives.  Most of these people are doing what they truly love and don’t chase the dollar but rather in doing what they love the dollars flow to them.  It happens in ways that would astound and amaze for even the simplest of tasks.
So the trick is to give air time in your mind to what you want and dream and desire and forget about the means.  The means for you to have all that you dream and desire are already in place awaiting your permission.
Brush the cobwebs off your dreams, some old ones are stale and need revision and some new ones are waiting to be attended to but the cobwebs of that unused portion of your mind need reawakening.  You will find it a pleasure and not an effort but make it a priority anyway.  You have been trained away from pleasure and to glorify effort but when you study any success you will find the successful people are deriving pleasure from their effort and the effort feels like playing a game you love.
Remember how magnificent you truly are and have fun with your awesome and amazing and unique creative mind.
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