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Get Inspired in This Moment

Okay so all we have is the moment.  In this moment if you really think about it, the past is only a memory and the future has not happened.  In the next moment the same will be true and the next and the next.  In our lives we are always in the moment and no where else for there is no where else you can be. Really life is a string of moments and that is where your power is for that is really where you are.
Suppose for just a moment that you create your reality with your feelings right now.  What you feel right now will attract the circumstances that have the same feeling in your next now.  Your thoughts both conscious and the ones you practice enough to make unconscious, which are beliefs, cause you to feel what you feel about any given situation.
You probably have a range of feeling from up high to low and life appears to be a roller coaster on that range of feeling.  I used to think the roller coaster was how life was supposed to be but it is not.  Yes, we all have a range of feelings but you can choose your range and keep it in the high range all the time, thus having higher highs with no lows.
The trick is to make finding a good thought in your now or the best thought you can come up with or if you can’t come up with a good one then go for the one that is better than the one before.  If you keep reaching for a thought, whether real or imagined, that feels better for you, you will eventually find your now becoming truly awesome.
When you are consistently feeling better, or good or awesome you will find your circumstances changing to fit your new feeling range.  You may not believe it but it doesn’t hurt to try.
The world is full of amazing things to be inspired by, and you, yourself, are an inspiring magnificent and unique person.  When you choose to think or focus on an inspiring thought, you feel great.  When you can get over your self flagellation about whatever it is you beat yourself up about and recognize how truly amazing you are…well then the world will grant you your every wish.


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