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Remember You are Magnificent and Unlimited and Free

Imagine that you are infinite potential and that everything you could ever want, experience, or do was already yours.  The issue is that to enjoy any of it you had to, for that moment ,not enjoy any other thing.  Kind of like life.  You can’t eat all the food you love at once, you have to eat one thing at a time.  Well you can combine food or eat a few alternating bites of one then the other.  Kind of like life.
Enjoying a steak, asparagus and baked potato doesn’t take away from the deliciousness of a great french fry and cheeseburger or diminish a great strawberry scallop and cashew salad or you get the point.
The only issue that we really ever have in this space time reality is that we forgot that we are infinite and unlimited, magnificent and amazing.  We forgot that we wanted to enjoy all of that but of course to enjoy one thing fully you have to be present with it so we temporarily limit ourselves to only a few billion pieces of data a second and chose from that data about 2000 bits to actually be aware of based on what we desire and then we enjoy it.  Unless of course we forgot who we are and what our potential is.
When one person forgets it is like everyone forgets and then people start feeling like this experience is limited and unpredictable.
It is absolutely unlimited and very predictable but we have forgotten.  Luckily we have built in radar and guidance always available.  The problem arises when we choose to ignore our radar which is our emotion.  When you are feeling badly then your thoughts are in error, it doesn’t matter what the negative feeling is but it always means your thoughts are in error and you are forgetting who you are.  The guidance is from those of us who are remembering and you will know if someone is leading you in the right direction because you will feel amazing and great and uplifted.
Simple, right?
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