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Happiness First then Success

People wonder why there are no action steps that guarantee success.  It is because all the action in the world without the inspiration and belief in success will not get results. 
There are many who work very hard and get nowhere and many who seem to not work at all and have incredible success.
The confusion is that when someone is inspired to action, the action flows and is effortless and to someone else who may be watching it may seem like there is hard work going on.  The erroneous conclusion is that the hard work yielded the results.  This is so far from the truth.
The inspiration led to the action which then produced the results.  The person doing the action usually has no feeling of work or effort but rather joy, inspiration and being present completely in the now.  Even if they are sweating, or spending long hours, or exhausted at the end of the journey, they are not experiencing struggle or hardship.
There are those that push themselves to struggle and work and engage in difficult tasks who do find themselves to have some “success” but usually it is because they bought into the belief that hard work has a reward.  The evidence however is firmly against this concept.  There are many who work very hard with no reward and many who don’t work hard with great reward.
In addition, when you struggle the reward in the end is usually not what you really wanted.
I must mention that sometimes we create the struggle and discomfort and hardship with our own insecurities and there is truly benefit to recognizing that and working through that.  All that means is to work on remembering your truth which is that you are magnificent, eternal and unlimited.
Outside of the task of remembering your truth, creating your dream life will be joyful, fun and inspired.  Any action will feel like fun and then the rewards are not only in the achievement but in the journey as well.  The way you intended to live.
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