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Right Now is Just Right

Just a simple message to everyone who is doubting, or feeling inadequate, or thinking they are not doing enough, or lamenting dreams unfulfilled or opportunities missed.
There is never a time where you are not magnificent or that the dreams and visions you have for your life are lost.  The opportunities are always there right in front of you.  The love of your life is swirling in your vicinity.  The you right now is worthy and doing exactly what you are meant to do this moment.
If you stop doing that thing that you do waiting for “something” to happen before you relax and enjoy and know all is well you will find that right now all is well.
Think about it.  All things are relative.  You probably have more in your life materially compared to most of the people living on earth.  You probably have people that love you and that you love right now.  You probably have aspects of yourself that you truly enjoy right now.  You probably have pleasurable activities that you engage in regularly.
My point is that no matter how much you ever have in the future, how many people you can love or love you in the future, how much improvement in your physical life you will experience in the future, how many new experiences you have in the future….if you can’t find happiness right now you will never find it then.
There is always, always something else from your present vantage point that you can desire.  That is the purpose of this existence.  To experience and choose and experience and choose and expand.  If you can’t be happy in the journey surrounded by all the choices and amazing adventures happening and yet to happen, you won’t be happy in the future.
There might be a fleeting moment of pleasure but then you will start doing that thing that you do and you will find yourself feeling exactly how you felt before when you were hinging your happiness on achieving this or meeting the right person, or whatever it was that you thought would change your state of being and feeling.
Choose to be happy now, and that means choose to appreciate now, choose to love yourself unconditionally now (not beat yourself up about whatever you beat yourself up about), choose to pay attention to your emotions and recognize a negative emotion as insight to where your thinking is in error, choose to be in the now loving the people in your now (they are lovable), loving whatever you can love in your now, bringing your focus to this very moment and how lovely it is, a gift and yet knowing you have an infinite number of nows so don’t take it so seriously…lol…and be happy.
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