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Healing with the Mind

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Question all things:  If the documented placebo affect works, which is where a pretend treatment like a sugar pill or sham operation causes a cure, that means that we do have the power to heal ourselves.  If one person has that power then we all have that power.  We “scientific” types take the placebo effect into account when we test medicine and therapy.  Wouldn’t it be even better to figure out how the 30% got better without therapy?  Find out how to tap into that kind of cure and no side affects.  Could it be that I do well as a doctor because I believe in myself, I love my patients and believe in their ability to heal themselves.  That is more important than the treatment itself.  There is always a spiritual and mindful message in every illness, in every pain, in every discomfort and most of the time it is because we are not paying attention to our own authentic desires.  We have not owned our magnificence and are misguided enough to beat up on ourselves and turn our back on our beautiful unique expression of self.  You are spectacular and I just wanted to remind you and thank you for that.

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