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The Truth about Betrayal




Question all things: What exactly is betrayal? When you are truly in touch with who you are there can be no “betrayal”. When you are in tune with your magnificent and unlimited, powerful self you easily have the ability to know when someone is authentic. You also don’t place your worth on the actions of others. You realize that all is in perfect order.

If a relationship doesn’t work out, it wasn’t meant to be and always both parties are dancing the dance. There is no blame but equal responsibility in the creation of the event. There is no judgment about the actions but you may have strong preferences.

A common example is the demise of a love relationship because one of the partners has “cheated” on the other. The cheating person is either so unhappy and searching for something they don’t have or they are so deeply out of touch with who they are they must have constant reinforcement, or it is possible that they truly love living a different lifestyle and are merely in the wrong relationship structure.

In all of these situations the “betrayed” person is also out of touch with who they are or they would have noticed the unhappiness, or the deep disconnection and insecurity, or they would know that their partner was interested in other ways of living. Neither person is bad nor unworthy but each one is responsible for choosing what they now want based on this new found information.

If both actually see what is truly transpiring then both will grow and be in a better life. That is the best outcome for all. If the “cheating” person realizes they are missing something in their previous relationship and truly finds it in another, then the person they left must have also been missing something from their relationship and is now free to find what they truly desire.

If the person deeply disconnected realizes that they are in a destructive pattern and works on reconnecting to their authentic power, then the other person must also be disconnected and in need of the same or similar work. If either one was actually connected to their power then the situation would not have occurred.

If the person wanting a different lifestyle structure had the strength to be honest and authentic then he or she would have chosen differently. The other person may have issues with control and judgment and need to release that in order to reconnect to the joy and love of life.

Betrayal is just a reminder that you have lost touch with your magnificent, spectacular and amazing self. Pay attention to cultivating that truth and you will actually be appreciative of the reminder…hard to imagine but actually true.

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