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Immunity is Possible

How we feel about ourselves actually attracts the attributes we find in others around us.  You already know that children seem to behave differently depending on who they are with.  You probably have noticed this with some adults as well, possibly yourself.  In fact when you are truly authentic you will come to realize that your personality is not set in stone but a fluid and beautiful dance with others.
The trick is to do the dance you want.  It doesn’t mean you are the same with every single person but enjoy all the aspects of who you are with others who will complement those aspects.
When you remember how amazing and magnificent and powerful and unlimited you truly are you must also remember that about others no matter where they are in their journey of discovery.
This puts you in the powerful place of only attracting the best of each person that enters your experience.  You come to find even the most “difficult” person is not difficult in your presence or they must avoid you.
You take full responsibility for any interaction and find that you can’t be offended, hurt, angered or made to feel inadequate.  It is a fun place to be in and everyone around you benefits.
You give complete freedom to everyone to be just as they choose to be and this gives you the same freedom.  You know what you love to experience and attract that experience and truly need give little thought to what you don’t like because it is crowded out by the sheer overwhelming presence of experiences you enjoy.
If you do find an uncomfortable interaction. you immediately know you have inner issues to resolve and you are infinitely patient with yourself.  The issue or issues will resolve easier and easier just be knowing you are at the center of what you are experiencing and taking responsibility without blame or judgment of yourself or others.
Giving others complete freedom to be as they wish does not mean you are subject to behaviors you don’t want and should just accept that as part of life.  It means that you focus on what you would like to experience and use the behavior you don’t enjoy to better clarify what you do want to experience.
For the most part so many behaviors we try to control because they are uncomfortable are uncomfortable because we have labeled it as such.  When you really look at the behavior, it has no power to make you feel uncomfortable without your judgment.
For example, if someone is rude or says something untrue or “disrespectful” or call someone a name…that action or behavior can cause no discomfort unless we give it power or feel we need to control it.  It has no affect or power without our permission.
The great thing to know is that no person connected to their truth could or would do anything that was less than uplifting and empowering.  Anyone saying or doing anything less is suffering in some way, lashing out from their point of disconnection.  It isn’t about you.  They are not less, just disconnected.
You don’t need to fix them or judge them or control them but many times if you are connected enough to your own truth and can see theirs through their walls and defenses, you will find their behavior changes around you.  If for some reason they can’t see their way toward changing as long as you stay connected they must leave your experience.  It is without exception.  Or at least not be around you unless their behavior resonates with what you want.
Fun way to live with all the amazing people in this world.
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