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You are the Key Ingredient

Mastering the way you use your amazing mind, the tool that molds your world and stimulates the canvas of your emotions is key to finding your way to living who you truly are. You already have the freedom to live who you truly are but most of us have forgotten that freedom and probably who we truly are. Most of us have forgotten our authentic self and have adopted the desires and beliefs of others, believing them to be our own. Then we wonder why we don’t live a fully exciting wonderful life.
What would happen if in each moment you enjoyed thinking about what you would actually want or how you would like this moment to go or even better how you would like to feel in this very moment.
What would happen if you started giving yourself permission to dream and desire and play at least in your mind with what kind of life would be fun and thrilling and enjoyable for you. Even if that life would be relaxing and peaceful and simple, not anything like the wild dreams of someone else who may want to climb a mountain. Knowing well that your dreams and desires will change over time and you will easily move into the next idea of your grandest life.
The idea is that you don’t have to plan out your whole life or know what it will look like. All you really have to do is be you, honest with yourself about what you really want and what makes you happy. Then you need to own your true power and know that you are capable of manifesting your dream life but that it will be easy.
It is not a massive undertaking but rather a simple moment to moment practice of remembering who you are and enjoying your authentic perceptions and desires in each moment.
You are magnificent and your unique being is perfect and perfectly capable of all things you could possible dream or desire.

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