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Flowing Divine Love

Let’s just entertain the possibility that you are constantly being loved by the Divine. You are constantly being inspired, literally inspired, with life and energy from the Divine. The fact that you live, exist and there is a world around you speaks to that reality. You can deny it and that won’t change its reality.

Now imagine that Love, that Energy, that Inspiration is beyond anything you could possibly imagine right now. I know I just asked you to imagine what you can’t possibly imagine but try This Divine “Stuff” is flowing to you every nanosecond in powerful and wonderful ways. It is perfectly designed to provide you with every need and heart felt desire. It rewards you with amazing positive emotions when you are in the natural state of flowing that Love and Energy. Your Health, functions and beauty benefit by allowing the flow of Love and appreciation. All manor of amazing circumstances come into your life in easy wonderful ways. The ultimate gift, really, as it expands your life beautifully as it allows you to have more opportunities to flow this love, appreciation, and creativity.

Most, if not all, problems stem from not allowing the flow. Like a blocked pipe not only making the flow less but causing damage to the pipe and all that is attached behind the blockage. Fortunately, our negative emotions let us know our pipe is blocked. Unfortunately, we are taught our negative emotions are justified and the fault is outside of ourselves.

Now, negative emotions are not a bad thing and since they are an indicator must be addressed. You can’t be angry and just say I am not angry or pretend not to be or ignore it by distraction. It will get louder until you address the issue. The issue is always the same. You forgot who you are and in forgetting who you are you also forgot who others are. Magnificent and loved creations of the Divine, a child of God, is whole we all are.

A related subset of that amnesia is societal beliefs and expectations born of equally amnesiac people that you continue to honor because you are part of the herd. When you are disconnected from the Divine, you subconsciously think your life depends on society or the herd. How is that working out for you?

There are some that naturally find the expectations of our world more tolerable than others and there are many expectations that “seem” good for us, or good for the whole. However you have a Divine gift of discernment and it is always unique to you. It is imperative that you reconnect to the Divine so you are not lost in this world.

The world is rapidly changing and the amount of “information” is staggering. I find it amusing that listening to the provided information there isn’t one thing that is entirely safe. Our food, our food choices, our drinking water, our air, and the list goes on. In addition the “experts” don’t agree on any of it or don’t agree for long.

It’s actually quite awesome as now, more than ever, you have to connect to the Divine if you want to navigate through this life or be lost in a maze of conflicting choices. When you are connected, your choices are clearly marked by love, inspiration and resonance. It becomes natural to move toward actions that serve your greatest good and that of all, without sacrifice. It becomes a win-win for everyone, your health, your circumstances, and allows you to contribute something unique. It’s a vicious cycle of love, appreciation, beauty, joy, and creativity which leads to only more of the same and so on.

You could say that our collective society, in ignoring their Divine connection, has got some serious pipe blockage going on. No amount of corrective action will fix that. However, each individual contributes to the solution by reconnecting to their own personal connection to the Divine. As a collective society when enough reconnect, the entire society is elevated. The few that connect with the Divine influence the rest to that awakened state.

In that state of Divine connection, you give freely of your love and it never compromises you or drains you. You give freely of your resources as you are overflowing in abundance. You give freely when inspired and only when inspired. That is the key...only when inspired and moved by love is when you do something, give something, eat something, spend time on something, go somewhere.

Another aspect of this issue is that people have invested themselves so heavily in obligation and what they believe they “must” do to survive and/or be accepted that they often hold themselves back from inspired actions, or loving gestures. Many people are so immersed in their small world of making sure they get what “needs” to get done completed. All the while they are actually shootings themselves in the foot and making life more difficult. In addition, over time this will lead to life struggles and health issues. Question every “need” to do obligation. Question all things really. Eliminate the uninspired and add inspired moments to your life as often as possible. While you are questioning all things reconnect with the Divine.

For more on this I will refer to a previous blog “Divine Love Rocks” and also know that just asking for guidance will lead you to the perfect path for you.

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