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Live Passionately





We are so conditioned by other conditioned to live life the way it has been done before. The irony is that you came to live life uniquely as it has never been done before. You came as the magnificent one who would do it in your own way creatively and with passion. Each and every individual who reclaims their true authentic self serves the world more than a million people doing the “right thing” without passion and just a flicker of life within as you must at least have a flicker to be alive.
Did you ever stop to wonder why the highest paid people are the ones living passionately? Even if they crash and burn doing it they have at least been alive while they lived. Have you ever wondered why we are so attracted to art and music and theater and new innovations? Creativity and pushing the limits and discovery are in the essence of every single one of us. Brilliance is in the essence of every single one of us. No matter how small you may think your contribution may be to this world we live in, authentic creativity and authentic living is what fuels the very existence of this place we play in.
Your passion may not be my passion and even when they seem to be in direct conflict they create a tapestry of life that has the power to run a universe. There was meant to be a yin and yang, a black and white, a loved and not loved; contrast for the discovery of what you would love to live. Each of us has the power to make that dream a reality regardless of what other people may choose to live.
Use what you experience for clarity and then give your undivided attention to the life you want, prefer and better yet the one that thrills you. You will know you are on the right track for when thinking of it you will find a life force within you that can do anything.

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