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Living in the Moment

What does it really mean to live in the moment, to make the most of each moment, that the moment is all we have?

First let’s discuss that the moment is all you have. The past is just snippets of memory that for the most part are colored by who you were and your perceptions at the time so, at best, it is inaccurate and many times distorted. Witnesses of an accident will all give a different account of what happened and in the memory and telling can be led to change what they remembered by the way they are interviewed. So let’s just say that the past is just as much fiction as your visions of the future. Why not pick the memories you like the most and enjoy them. Why not change the ones you didn’t to what you would have preferred.

The future is anything you desire or when unaware of your power it can be a scary nightmare but now you know you get to choose what thoughts of the future you have. If you think of all the things you were worried about that never happened, all the things you wanted that didn’t seem to pan out (and we will get to why later), and that you have an incredible imagination that you can use to paint any future you want…you have to realize the future is as vague as the past. Yet that is where all your now moments will come.

So in each moment, the one that is all you have really, you can choose the thoughts that feel most wonderful. You can enjoy the beautiful things, people, experiences that you are having in this very moment if you choose to look in that direction. In every moment of your life there are millions, no trillions of things going right. Trillions of aspects of your life to appreciate. You did that when you were small until you were trained out of it by well-meaning or not so well-meaning adults. The habit of looking at what is wrong or problems is well worth breaking by purposely looking for what is right and good and beautiful about everything you give your attention.

So that is how to make the most of every moment. Find ways to appreciate what is going well, going in the direction of what you prefer, or your dreams. Appreciating what is, every little thing and big thing, is the way to make your life flow into what you want next. There will always be something that you want next, so get comfortable with the ever unfolding of delicious desires, for that is a given. No matter how much you deny it, every experience, every moment stimulates a desire for more…sometimes more of the same and sometimes more that is different but it is still a desire.

That is all you really need to do to make your life become an easy unfolding of all that you desire and dream. If you don’t believe that then just try it for a time and watch what happens. What has been proven by science is that when you are feeling love, appreciation, joy, ecstasy or inspiration you are causing healing chemicals to be released and when you feel the opposite you are releasing detrimental chemicals into your body. Just that alone would be enough to convince you to give it a try.

Some people would say if I don’t pay attention to what is wrong then it may get bigger and become a real problem however paying attention to it makes it bigger actually. Appreciation inspires solutions and problems then become fun challenges. The more you engage in this kind of thinking the more the proof will be in your experience.

Now if you are so steeped in the habit of looking at what is wrong that it has gotten so big it is hard to ignore please do not beat yourself up, for that is just going to make it worse. Just be easy with it and look for anything that gives you relief in the moment. In fact some of those things that give you relief may be deemed wrong by many who would want to control you but go for relief anyway. In that relief then find a thought that feels good. Keep playing with your mind to find thoughts that feel better. It may just be thoughts that give you relief or peace or a break from being scared or angry or hurt. If you keep going for a little relief you will come to a place where that is more dominant and from there you can go for something more fun like hope or peace. From there it is just a short walk to power and joy.

We have been taught to do what is hardest, and without pain there is no gain, and life is a struggle. We have been taught that if it feels good then if must be wrong or you must have paid the price before you can have it but that is so far from the truth it is laughable. Really look at the data that is available to you and you will find that there is no way to explain life and the results that people get by virtue of hardship, struggle and pain. In fact the amount of hardship, struggle and pain range everywhere from none to more than anyone should have to endure. Besides that, what some find difficult is easy to others and what some find a struggle is fun to others. There have also been studies that show if you visualize a work out you gain strength and muscle so there is gain without pain…lol. Also there are plenty of people that don’t do much work, if any at all, that have everything they want and then some.

The only logical conclusion is that it is an inside job. What you believe will be your experience. You will see evidence that supports your belief and the evidence that doesn’t support your belief you will think is either a fluke or you won’t even see it. Yet evidence of varied paths to success, happiness and amazing experiences is everywhere. If I am the source of how my path unfolds and I am, as you are, then I would like to choose an easy, inspiring and fun path. That is just me, though. And that is the path I have, though it wasn’t always like that. I know by experience that when I choose to feel good and do what I love, all things work out for me in inspiring and fun ways.

When some “stuff” comes up in life, I just use my ability to choose a better thought or completely ignore the “stuff” and always the solution presents itself or pops into my head or the “stuff” resolves itself. It is a great way to live. Since the moment is all we have, having great moments every moment makes sense.

It may take some attention and awareness to retrain your mind and undo some habits of thought but it doesn’t require a time or money investment. It just requires becoming aware that you are the power behind your experiences and opening up your mind to the idea that life can be great every moment even when “stuff” happens. The beauty is that as you change how you think the “stuff” doesn’t happen very often and when it does, most of the time it is just redirecting you to something even better than before. Only now you know that and have your mind open to all kinds of possibilities.

Have an amazing moment, oh magnificent powerful one.


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