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Is the World Logical?

When you think about what works logically in this world and truly research how people get the results they get you will find that there is no logic in assigning any result to actions taken or not taken. There are examples of many who lived a life of struggle to come out the other end in all different ways…broken, struggling, or transcendent. You also see the same with someone living a “normal” life.

Then there is the perception of struggle that has infinite interpretations where some will see something as exciting even though challenging another will see it as a struggle. Even children raised in the same household will have varying interpretations of the success of their parents and how much they had to “overcome” to make up for whatever they believed they lacked.

Then there are the myriad of self development and self help books that offer certain actions to achieve success in whatever category of life you are struggling with. The fact that there are just about infinite ways and plans of action speaks to the ineffectiveness of most of these ways. If they were of truth then there would be a majority of people succeeding with the “plan”.

Of course some will say that most don’t follow the “plan” so that is why they don’t have success. Is it possible that the ones who don’t find the “motivation” to follow the plan are just in need of another plan. In addition, there are many who follow the plan and don’t have the success, and others who just dabble in the plan and have great success.

When you entertain the fact and I do say fact as science has established this experience is vibrational. Science has established that every experience is subject to very unique and personal interpretation and perception, that we take in millions of points of data per second and are only consciously aware of about 40. Science has established that memory more flawed than accurate. Science shows that the most successful people in business have very high psychic abilities. Science has proved that the mind is non local and not housed in the brain. I could go on and on.

You know deep down that you are worthy of every dream, every desire. If you weren’t you wouldn’t have the desire. I am talking about true desire, true dreams. I am not talking about desires that you think you want because if you had it you would feel better about yourself and have more people respect you etc. Those are dysfunctional desires. Now you could have the same desire once you learned how to love yourself unconditionally but that is for another discussion.

For me, I struggled with the senseless and what seemed to me unfairness of life. I couldn’t see what the point was and though I was raised Catholic, the whole energy of church seemed hypocritical to me from as early as 5 years of age. Why should some have to suffer and others like me have a good life, though my sister would say it was a life of struggle…lol. If God was powerful and loving why would he not save everyone that needed saving or health or money. Why were the miracles in the bible only for a few and the questions went on and on.

When I found myself in a life that seemed to be what I was supposed to do and no category of my life was satisfying I really didn’t have any questions for no answers had come. I just decided to think differently about everything and find a way to think and believe that just felt better. I greeted every uncomfortable situation( which really was the feeling I was having in the situation) with a different approach. I tried to find a way to think about it and life that just made me feel better, whatever that was and whether I fully embraced the idea, I just pretended that it was true.

There were a lot of moments in every day that some form of discomfort or struggle or frustration or hurt or anger was felt by me, but now in response to this feeling I would think about why I had this feeling and change the thoughts, or change the belief to one that made me feel better, or make something up just for the fun of making up some wild and crazy explanation for the situation. I was surprised by how much of my day was filled with uncomfortable moments with only brief moments of relief. Even in the moments of relief or fun, I could find a way to bring something to mind that caused me some discomfort. Rarely did a day go as planned and any successes or lovely moments were soon forgotten in the face of a new dilemma.

The simple exercise of becoming aware and just trying to feel better no matter what kind of thoughts I had to entertain started getting easier and easier. I found new and fun ways to get to a better feeling place. Really I didn’t think my life would change and I wasn’t looking to change it, I just didn’t want to feel badly anymore. I didn’t want to live the rest of my life in struggle and discomfort with only brief moments of fun. The amazing surprise was that my life actually did begin to change in every category for the better. With time I became so good at my new way of thinking I found that nothing could make me uncomfortable and if it did I could turn it around as quickly as I wanted to.

The next huge surprise is I found myself making big changes to my life with ease, no strength necessary and no drama. I would have such clarity and knowing that I would be immune to anyone’s opinion but my own and the world responded with people who supported and loved me through it. So I found that those who are successful, truly successful in life, are the master of their thinking. They choose what they will think and believe, and no one’s opinion but theirs matters for each and every one of us is powerful and unlimited and magnificent and unique. No one knows what is right for you but you. No one knows what plan or path is going to work for you. Only you know what path or plan is right for you.

Mastering your thoughts by paying attention to how you feel and changing the thoughts and beliefs to benefit how you feel, works very well to reconnect with who you truly are so you can access that information. The action steps will be easy and inspired…nothing has to be difficult unless you believe it to be or don’t feel you deserve a glorious life. That you exist means you deserve all that you desire and more. Try on that thought and see how it feels. Feels great, doesn’t it.

And I would give you a 4, 6 or 11 step process but I don’t want to insult your glorious ability to find your own way. My book sort of outlines how I did it but I look forward to hearing insights and ideas from every one of you equally magnificent and capable beings as well.


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