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Make your Divine Self your highest priority






The most important relationship in your life is the one you have with the divine, however you define that.  When you have a healthy and real live relationship with your divine nature you will love yourself unconditionally and celebrate your unique contribution to this temporary time space reality.  Only then can you experience the relationships you truly want and were meant to have.  They will happen naturally and effortlessly.  You will find yourself naturally flowing into right action, right words, right experiences without much thought.  There will be no doubt or question in your mind.  The two of you, whether friend or lover, will mold the circumstances of your life experience in your personal unique way.  Just keep paying attention to the most important part and that is your connection with the divine and all else will fall into place.  do not worry about making a mistake, for there are no true mistakes in molding a beautiful experience.  You just step back and remold when it doesn’t look quite right and usually it just takes a little caress and soon the shape goes exactly where you want it.

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