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Happy Freedom Day






Today we celebrate freedom and yet so many of us do not feel free. We don’t say what we want to say, we don’t spend time with who we want to spend time with, we don’t do what we want to do, we work in jobs that don’t inspire us, we stay in relationships that don’t cherish us, we continue friendships that may bring us down.
We have many reasons, some known and some deeply hidden. I would like to tell you that when you realize just how free you are and act accordingly none of the fears you have will be realized.
Start now just imagining what you would do if you were completely free and keep your thoughts and mind there as often as possible. There will come a time when you can actually take a step toward freedom, true freedom, and then another step and soon you will be walking in and living your own life instead of being herded into paths and places that you don’t want to travel or experience.
There are more of us out on the edge doing what we want than you know and we support whatever you choose and celebrate uniqueness and free spirit. Come join us and live…because living anyone else’s idea of your life is not living.
You will find that when you choose freedom, you also choose health, you also choose abundance, you also choose passion, you also choose beauty, you also choose fulfilling your dreams and finding life to be an infinitely unfolding pleasure.
Realize how magnificent you are and that your power yields to no one. I am inspired by your awesome potential and look forward to your flight!

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