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Make your own pleasure a priority





I know sometimes I write and you may wonder what planet I come from and who knows maybe I did come from another planet. The powerful point however is that you are one with all things and the one that orchestrates every moment of your experience.
You have infinite potentialities and are connected to a power that creates more than just miracles. You are in fact a miracle. When you remember that then you will be able to make full use of this thing we call life and if you don’t you will still be awesome. You really can’t do it wrong or ruin anything and all your diving in and experiencing leads to the probability of you enjoying your infinite possibilities. Relax and enjoy. Don’t take yourself or life so seriously but if you want to help yourself or anyone else in anyway then make your joy and pleasure as a high priority. It is only from that place that you can experience in this life anything wonderful and add to the wonderful of the world.
You are a magnificent and spectacular unique center of this universe of infinite centers…and your input is necessary, important and perfect no matter what.

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