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Embrace the Change, it is Inevitable





I am going through changes in my life and the funny thought occurred to me how I have been going through changes all of my life. We all do. You can’t escape change no matter what you do to try and stop things from changing.
I began to realize that the happiest and most successful people are the ones that actually embrace change and what is new while appreciating how the past prepared them for the next step and being fully present in their now.
I am excited about the next phase of my life and have many dreams of even more changes to happen but I am thrilled with now and appreciative for all the journeys of my past self.
What an amazing world we live in with so many experiences and opportunities if we are willing to embrace change. If we are willing to open doors and look inside. Change doesn’t have to be painful and it is only our resistance to it that causes the discord.
The lovely part about change is that when you step toward it instead of trying to resist it things cascade easily into exactly what you want…
Enjoy your amazing experiences with your awesome self.

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