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Mastering Your Thoughts

Still working on the mastery of our thinking and creating more wonderful moments that lead to more wonderful moments.
More examples of working through the steering of your thoughts and commanding your moments to do what they were meant to do:  bring your desires into your reality.
“I feel discouraged about my health or my weight or both.” becomes “I am choosing to feel discouraged about those things.  Now I realize that it is in finding ways to feel good about myself and distract myself from what I think are problems that can improve both my health and my weight.  It feels good not to have to pay attention to every little thing that the world tells me I should do or should not do and just give myself a break from beating myself up.  If I am not doing something then it isn’t for me at the moment and if I am doing something then it needs to be for the moment and I am going to lighten up on myself.  I know finding things to like about myself will lead me to better health and a perfect weight.  Now when I find myself feeling guilty or discouraged I will look for something else to think about or distract myself with something fun to think about.  I will play the won’t it be nice game with myself and think about how great it is to be beautiful and healthy.  Pretending I am already where I want to be is way more fun than beating myself up for where I am.  I do have many things that are attractive that I can focus on.  I do have many things about my body that work quite well that I can focus on.  I will direct my thoughts in that direction.  I realize now that each person is unique and what works for one doesn’t work for another so in finding my good feelings my inner wisdom will lead me to what is right for me and it will be easy.  If feels good to know it will be easy and that I won’t be playing the yoyo game anymore struggling to get what I want only to get almost there and slide back.  The idea of No pain, No gain is not true and there is more to gain by feeling good.  I am excited about today and grateful for what is working for me today.  I am excited about the great things that will be coming as well.”
Enjoy the ease of your magnificent life.
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