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Making the Moment Work

We are working on mastering our thoughts and emotions and that is done in the now moment. Having good feelings is your true authentic self and having negative emotions is an indication of being disconnected. It is perfectly okay and not a “bad” thing and you are not judged wrong for having negative emotions for your truth is always the same. You are magnificent and unlimited and infinitely unique and worthy of all that you dream or desire.
The negative emotion is just an indicator that you are heading away from what you truly want…and certainly in that space you are not capable of helping anyone else get to where they truly want. It is only in your moments of inspiration, joy and appreciation that you are headed in the right direction and it is how you can make life easy and joyful and flow toward what you truly want without drama and struggle.

Let’s look at a few other examples of doing one process that helps change the direction of a negative emotion:
“Being around this person is uncomfortable and irritating because they are constantly bragging about their children, husband, life, accomplishments but I must work with them daily and this feels negative.” changes to “I am choosing to feel uncomfortable and irritated and truly why would I choose to feel this way. The behavior has nothing to do with me unless I am feeling slightly guilty or threatened but when I look at life through the eyes of my magnificence and the magnificence of my children I see that on some level my children chose me and each parent, child and relationship is different. I am doing the best I can at the moment and that is enough. My children are amazing and will find their way with or without me. The best thing I can do for my children is be inspired and appreciative so I will find something about this person to appreciate for my sake and theirs. In fact, I know deep down that anyone who has a superior attitude including myself is just feeling insecure so in a way I can feel compassion for their insecurity though I may not enjoy their behavior. As I remember my truth of being magnificent and the truth of my children being the same I do not feel in any way bothered by this person’s insecurity. Looking past their insecurity I can appreciate their accomplishments and do not feel threatened even if the accomplishment isn’t even the truth. Who cares, I am feeling good and appreciating myself and my children and knowing that in this moment feeling this way I am moving closer to my dream life.”
Another example:

“I am feeling pressured and stressed to do so much each day and I don’t have time to do what I would like to do.” changes to “I am choosing to feel pressured and stressed to do so much and don’t have time to do what I want to do. The reality is that I can only do one thing at one time in one place and if I just stay in the moment and don’t worry about the past or future I will get the same or more done without feeling stressed or pressured. I know that I am magnificent and if I stay relaxed time expands. If I can find something to appreciate even in doing something I did not consciously choose to do I will find my way to doing what I want more quickly. My fears about being reprimanded or disapproved of are old fears born of my childhood and I am an adult now. I know that I can’t please everyone so I will work on pleasing myself. Feeling relaxed and at peace is a much better feeling. If I don’t get something done then so be it and it wasn’t meant to be done by me. I might even find my way to letting others do some of the work. I know when I beat myself up I am holding myself away from my dream life so I will be kind and compassionate and patient with myself. I will find something to appreciate in this moment with this task, and breath. I also know that everyone is creating their own reality so I will stop being responsible for other people’s creation. I am not responsible for what they create and can only negatively influence others when I take their responsibility and make it mine while not taking care of myself and my thoughts and feelings. I am doing the best I can and that best is perfectly enough and in appreciating that and staying in this moment I will find my way to doing more of what I want. There will be no pressure in my day and no stress in my life because I make that choice and that is a powerful feeling.”
Mastering your thoughts will enable you to make each moment full of appreciation and joy and inspiration. No negative emotions can get in when you are full of that.

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