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Question all things:  How can anyone have an opinion about what the best method of parenting is?  Are we not all unique including our children?  There is no actual method that guarantees a “good” outcome and then the definition of a “good” outcome is the next question.  The ultimate desire of every parent is that their children be happy and the best way to give that gift to our children is to be happy ourselves.  When you are truly happy with yourself you can actually love unconditionally and give the example of a life well lived.  Children follow examples much better than words and rules.  The details are not so important unless you want your children to end up just existing and following the crowd without fully living their magnificent and unique life.  Relax and follow your heart instead of your head.  Follow your own ideas instead of the ideas of the majority.  Love and be authentic without double standards and treat your child the way you want to be treated.  Always remember that you too are a work in progress, and don’t know all the answers.  That is okay.  Don’t pretend to know with your children, be real instead.

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