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Elvis Duran and the morning show from New York


I listen to his show almost every morning…he and his crew make me laugh and keep their perspective very light, nonjudgmental and positive…I enjoy his show very much.  It is pretty edgy and entertaining but yet keeps true to enhancing life and making the world a better place.  Just because you are coming from a spiritual perspective doesn’t mean you can’t throw down with the raunchiest of humor and enjoy the irony of life as it is…love the show from all perspectives.

Anyway I sent the show a few books just because and Elvis sent me a personal thank you note “Hello, Lady” and all.  Now I do know that some assistant could have sent it but in my heart of hearts I do think it was authentic.  Elvis did not have to send a thing as I mean nothing to his bottom line.  He is a true great and doing amazing work in his entertaining us all.  Is not laughter a wonderful experience.  Is not being distracted from your everyday drama a worthy cause.

I just wanted to give him a shout out and of course show you a pic of his note, with hello lady and all…was a lovely and surprising letter to receive.

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