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Perfection in this Moment

In every moment there is such beauty and a million things to appreciate.  There is perfection in this very moment.  It is the moment that you have created thus far with all your previous moments.  Even if there are aspects that you don’t exactly want, these aspects are perfect for the clarifying of how you want your next moments.  Even if you are not experiencing something you have wanted in all your previous moments before and it still is not in this moment, it serves to give more power to the experience coming.  
The ironic part about life is that you will never get it done…when you reach one goal, you will look around and from your new vantage point you will birth another goal.  It wasn’t meant to be some difficult task but rather a journey of joy and adventure along the way.  If you are finding the journey difficult then the adventure starts with the journey into self.  You must uncover the beliefs that are causing you fear for no actual danger.  You are beyond safe and all is well.  You have all that you need and want to create any dream or vision you have.  The only thing stopping you is you.
 You must realize you are already successful for all the experiences you have had thus far are a perfect result of your creative process.  It may be that you have been using your creative process based on what you learned from well meaning people around you.  There are two problems with that though.  Number one is that most people are not connected to their truth and basing their creative process on fear.  Number two is that even those that are living well   will not know your path for you are unique.
The best person to advise you on how to live life is you when your are connected to your truth.  Owning your own power, going toward people and situations that resonate with you in joyful positive and wonderful ways.  Spend time with people that uplift you and inspire you.  Spend time in activities that uplift you and inspire you.
The world is changing always and you wanted it that way from the beginning.  Nothing ever stays the same and you wanted it that way from the beginning.  You either open your eyes, heart, mind and Divine connection and ride the amazing adventure with joy or keep your eyes closed and miss the whole thing.
Your choice, it won’t change your magnificence but since you are magnificent, why would you want to fear the very thing you came here to enjoy…hmmmm
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