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Your Vision

In order to transform your life into what you dream of living you will have to start filling your mind with thoughts of what you want to live. A powerful way to do this is to write down a vision of your life the way you want to live it in present tense on paper with a pen.
Make sure it is authentic and selfish and your grandest vision and not some idea of the way it is supposed to be based on what others in your life want or society or the media. When you read it to yourself it will almost make you cry with strong love and appreciation.
One page is all you need but as many as you want is fine too…there are no rules except make it in the present tense and write it by hand. It is more powerful that way.
Read it daily or twice a day, morning and night. Take it with you wherever you go and when a negative emotion overcomes you take a moment to read it right then.
Your negative emotions are many times part of your subconscious programming and telling yourself to be positive and happy is not going to make it go away. Continuing to replace the programming with your vision clearly in your mind will eventually rewrite the programming.
The good news is that it feels good…it isn’t an effort…it works…you will enjoy doing it and then you will get to enjoy the living of your dream life as a result of doing something that feels good.
That is how you meant to do it…you are amazing.

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