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Pleasure and Inspiration are in the Moment





There is so much to enjoy in every moment you have to play in this time space reality. Truly an infinite number of experiences are yours in every moment if you just decide that this moment is yours to enjoy.
We spend our lives waiting to enjoy our moments…waiting for a vacation, waiting for the weekend, waiting for graduation, waiting for mr or ms right, waiting for the children to be on their own, waiting for retirement, waiting to have enough money, waiting for something to be over, waiting for something to begin, waiting til someone is not annoying us, waiting for someone to entertain us, and every moment we delay living is a moment we waste.
Don’t get me wrong, you have an infinite number of moments and infinite possibilities but it truly makes no sense to wait for some other moment when can enjoy the ones you are having right now.
The real irony is that when you enjoy the moment you have right now you set in motion more experiences that you desire to enter into your life in the next moments to come. When you don’t enjoy your present moment you set in motion more of what you don’t enjoy to enter into your next moments.
No pressure really, for you always have the power to choose and it is never too late. It just doesn’t make sense to wait for some other time to have the experience of pleasure and connection and inspiration when it is yours to have right now.
If you understood how powerful and unlimited and magnificent you truly were you would find pleasure in some aspect of your now easily. You wouldn’t take this life experience, which is only a blink of an eye to your true self, so seriously and yet find it exquisite and precious beyond anything you have ever held precious.
You would find more people in your life that you are deeply connected to and those people would share life experiences that resonate with your desire and creativity.
Enjoy your precious time space moment magnificent one…it is actually what you came to do.

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