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Are You Aware of Your Power




We all are so powerful and limitless that we don’t even really notice the enormous creative ability that we are using in every moment. In our ease of creation we look at the circumstances surrounding us and don’t even realize that we did all of it.
It is sort of being on autopilot and you keep driving to the same place you always go even though, when you started, you intended to go somewhere else….lol
In your car, of course, you recognize immediately that you are turning the wheel and correct your course or back track or turn around and eventually get to the new place.
In your life however you end up in the same place you always end up and don’t realize you are the driver of your life’s circumstances and think the car or road took you there and you didn’t have a choice.
In every circumstance, in every interaction, in your experience of health and beauty, in every relationship…well basically without exception you are the power that orchestrates your every moment. Most of us do it on autopilot or allow someone else or a collective of someone elses to drive us wherever they want us to go. Most of the drivers you give your power to are also on autopilot as well.
It is the ultimate blind leading the blind but at least the true blind person is aware of their blindness and using other senses to guide them.
Wake up to your magnificent power and limitless possibilities and get in the driver’s seat and steer.

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