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Relationship Buttons

It seems to me that many problems if not all problems in a romantic relationship begin when one partner pushes one of our buttons. The irony is that is what romantic relationships are designed to do….the attraction is strong enough to bring two people close enough for their hot buttons to be energetically exposed. Each one in the relationship attracts the pushing of their hot buttons from the other.

The reason we have these buttons is because we have forgotten who we are and the being that is closest to you is going to be the one to give you the gift of remembering. You are also giving that gift as well. So if you forgot that you are magnificent, spectacular, unlimited and divine you are going to have a lot of buttons and will attract someone with just as many and the dance begins. You may have different buttons but always are they matched.

That is a hard pill to swallow when we go through a breakup and we feel betrayed and deserving of better treatment and want to make it all the other persons fault but really they are our greatest teachers. That doesn’t mean we continue the relationship and it doesn’t mean we should end the relationship. It just means we recognize our part, learn and move into a more glorious relationship. It could be with the same person or another but if we don’t recognize our part then the next will be more of the same.

If you work on your own buttons ahead of time or as they are pushed you will start to uncover the outdated erroneous beliefs that create your buttons. Recognize your part in the creation of drama and become aware of where you are not remembering your truth of magnificence and power. When you remember that then all of your relationships will improve, not only the romantic ones.

The beauty is that relationship is what this is all about and improving them improves all things in life. I am blessed by every person I have ever met and each moment of life gets better because of that dance.


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