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Relax into your magnificence





If you can’t actually believe that you are magnificent and amazing and unlimited then just try to reinterpret events based on that idea. You will find as you play with the concept that you are all of that just mentioned, that it feels better to experience any event from that perspective.
If you knew you were magnificent would the opinion of anyone else make any difference to you?
If you knew you were amazing would you see any problem in your life as an obstacle or just a temporary adventure?
If you knew your were unlimited would you know that all your dreams were just behind a door you have yet to open?
Knowing that about yourself means you must also know that about everyone else. You will understand that any negative event involving another is both a result of you forgetting your truth (that you are magnificent, amazing and unlimited) and the other person forgetting their truth and both of your forgetting that about each other.
The good news is that you don’t have to worry about helping another person remember because it is not your responsibility. As long as you remember you will find yourself having less interactions with people who have forgotten or your remembering will stir the remembering within the people around you…at least when they are around you. The end result is the same. You will have a lovely experience and move into a life that is full of increasing joy and pleasure and appreciation.
You know how good it feels to spend time with someone you enjoy and enjoys you. Imagine how good it will feel when you are almost always in that place. The first step is to enjoy yourself, appreciate yourself, and remember your true worth which is more than you can possibly grasp in this experience.
Relax into your magnificence and watch how the world changes around you.

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