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Have Fun With Your Adventure Into Self

There was a time in my life I call the amoeba phase…lol…this is the phase where you have adopted everyone else’s interpretation of life and don’t have a clue, so you live your life on a roller coaster of reactions.  You are a slave to circumstances and feel good when they are good and bad when they are bad.  You believe that it is out there and you have no control of things.  If things don’t go the way you want you blame someone, either yourself for not doing enough or the right thing or others for the same reason.
In this phase you keep chasing the carrot thinking when such and such occurs then life will be better.  Either it doesn’t ever happen or it happens and you find life exactly the same and you start chasing the next carrot because obviously the one you have was not the right one…lol
At some point in your life (maybe) and hopefully sooner rather than later, you realize that something is wrong with this picture.  Once you realize that there has to be another way to approach living you allow the opening for the Divine or Universe or God or The Great Sam or whatever you call it to enter your awareness and help you remember.
Many times it takes an event that feels so bad that you just get tired of feeling bad and just want to feel better.  In making your priority to think in ways that feel better no matter what is happening in your life, you naturally find yourself attracting circumstances that feel better and better.  You don’t have to reach rock bottom or have a “dark night of the soul” experience to decide to live awakened to your magnificent amazing truth.  You don’t have to live anyone else’s life and in fact living anything but your authentic and amazingly unique life is painful and not life giving.  Even if your authentic life seems to be mainstream or boring and even if your authentic life is bizarre and unusual they are all unique and brilliantly amazing.
When you just go with the flow and don’t worry about what people think or about making a “mistake” and follow what attracts you and gives you joy and inspiration…you will find yourself living the dream that is also a journey of incredible experiences leading to your next dream.  That was your intention but what better than a true detective mystery to find your way to being all that you intended to be.  It would be boring if there was an actual manual and given how many read manuals and actually follow the instructions, I think the Divine gave us the perfect way to have the adventure of life and living.
Experience your magnificence in this moment just because you exist and in that moment you have added enormously to all that is.
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