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Remember Who You Are Amazing One





Why does it feel so good when someone loves us, appreciates us, admires us, finds things about us that are funny, brilliant, beautiful, attractive, engaging, interesting or downright amazing and unique. It feels good because it reminds us of our natural state and draws us like a homing pigeon. It is our truth and we connect and when you are connected the world feels great, you feel great, things work out and you play with life instead of struggle through it.
The tricky thing is that if you disconnect yourself from that truth you will find the world of your creation a mirror of what you are believing and so those things don’t happen often or are short lived or don’t seem real. You wouldn’t believe someone telling you that you are amazing or beautiful if you didn’t believe it yourself. There is a part of you that longs to reconnect and that is why it feels so good to have that connection, even if you dismiss it.
When you stop doing what you have been trained to do, which is not connect with your amazing self, and not to believe that you are worthy of all that you want and easily able to make it happen, you will find more joy and happiness and ease and love and appreciation in your life.
For that to be sustainable you must reconnect to that truth inside yourself and know it to be true as your sense of joy and pleasure tell you that it is. The paradox or irony is that when you no longer need someone else to confirm it for you the world showers you with confirmation. The transformation is magical.
So just to remind you: you are amazing, you are breathtaking, you are brilliantly unique and talented, you are magnificent, you are unlimited, you are worthy of all your dreams and then some, you are meant to flow to your chosen experiences with easy and joy, you are loved beyond this paltry love we think is love (thought love here rocks as well), and you have an infinite supply or energy and power that can’t be described in this time space reality.
Remember who you are, it is so worth while.

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