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You Give Life It's Meaning

There is no meaning to this life we live.  The experience of life is just energetic data that we collect in our brain.  Our mind then gives it the meaning and we get to choose what meaning to give it.  Each of us intended to give it our authentic meaning and interact with people, circumstances and experienced that complement our authentic living.
There is no rule, law, caution, label or cause that can change that and in truth all of that is counterproductive to living your dream life and facilitating others to live their dream life.  It also means you have forgotten your own power and the power of every other person that lives.  It means you see yourself or others as victims or powerless.  You actually can’t help anyone or yourself from that perspective.
First what you give your creative attention to makes it stronger and more real and secondly if you are not giving your creative attention to what you passionately want to live you are holding yourself away from that experience.  In other words if you don’t attend to what you passionately want it has no power to come into your experience. If you aren’t experiencing what you passionately want then you can’t help anyone else have a better experience as well.
Every moment spent on worrying, protecting against, complaining about, and having negative feeling about anything is a moment you are not getting what you want in life and creating more of what you don’t want.
I am passionately drawn to reawakening the power of the individual and every word I write is a pleasure to me.  When I can even for a moment stir in even one individual the remembrance of their awesome magnificent and spectacular ability to create any life they want regardless of circumstances I am thrilled.  Someone else may be just as thrilled to fold laundry or fly an airplane or paint a picture or make lots of money or hold a baby or develop a new gadget or …yes the list is infinite.  I can’t even begin to imagine how I could figure out what is inside of another’s mind and creative intent.  Luckily I don’t have to for as long as I am passionate and authentic I know I have done more for the universe than anything else I might do or think.
Enjoy your amazing self and give meaning to your life as only you can and it will be completely different from every other person but if you just stay with it, the right people and circumstances and experiences must show up.
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