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Remember you are Perfect and Magnificent

The most damaging thing we can do is to think less of ourselves, to feel guilty, to feel like we have to accomplish something in order to be worthy.  It is probably the single most powerful obstacle we have to realizing the life of our dreams and to then truly be able to uplift others.
We all have those little voices in our heads that tell us we “should” be doing this, or we “should” have done that, or we “shouldn’t” have done some other thing.  We all have those voices that compare us to others either to feel briefly superior or to feel inferior.  Either way comparisons always cause you to be less effective in your own life.  When I say effective, I mean finding your way easily to manifesting your dreams and thus helping everyone in your life to do the same.
Your Higher Self or God or Divine Intelligence tries to give you feedback by making you feel great when you resonate with your own magnificence and thus recognize the magnificence in others.  When you don’t, it feels not so good or downright terrible.  The problem is that we have been taught that if it feels good it must be wrong, fattening or dangerous.  This is far far from the truth.
Your mission is to get back to your truth so that you may live the glorious life of every little dream fulfilled.  It is the only way to impact anyone else in a long lasting way and if you care enough for yourself and others to want to improve life then the only real way is to own your own magnificence.
In every moment enjoy something, and especially enjoy yourself.  Become aware of the nitpicking, guilt causing, fear based learned thoughts that get in your way.  Whenever you feel less than wonderful realize that your thinking is out of whack.  Do not believe for one minute that bad feelings are part of life…they do not have to be.  Circumstances may not always be to your liking  but from that new input you then have the ability to create a new vital desire.  You can change your attention from what you don’t enjoy to the new vision of what you want even more.
When you get really good at mastering the thinking machine that should be your tool, not the other way around, you will find that you don’t enter into circumstances you don’t like anymore but rather go from better to better to better.  New and different or improving an already good situation instead of improving a bad situation.
The only thing you really have to know is that when you feel badly it is solely because your thinking is not under your mastery and that it is a reminder to regain control of that powerful thinking machine.  You truly have the power to pick a great thought in any situation and improve the way you feel.  If you just do that moment to moment you will find your life improving in leaps and bounds.  Soon you will be easily seeing the miraculous in every moment and you will be it.
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