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You are a Masterpiece

The life you live is a creative masterpiece. Your senses are like the medium, the paint if you will. Your thoughts and feelings are the way you apply the medium or brush. Your inner being is the creative power behind your masterpiece.
Each and every life is a beautiful creation no matter how it turns out, to be admired and appreciated by all that is or the universe. To think you are nothing but your life is to diminish your magnificence and yet every brush stroke or moment that you live is more magnificent that you could ever realize as you are involved in the amazing creation of your masterpiece.
In every moment there is the perfect addition to your masterpiece, something to inspire and appreciate. When you make it a priority to find that in your every moment, your masterpiece unfolds without effort and blends with other masterpieces perfectly.
In any moment you can change the look of your tapestry or picture by finding the diamond in that moment of your life. They are there in every moment and as you make it a point to find them you will uncover an unlimited supply.
Life is supposed to be easy and fun and flow without effort…and any action will be inspired and fun and easy as well because it was meant to be the way you enjoy your creation, not how you create.
Master your craft simply by making it a priority to find the beauty and inspiration in every moment and then unleash your appreciation. That is the power that creates worlds and universes and is readily available for you in every moment.

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