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Should we have Causes or be Against Anything?

If your thoughts are all inclusive and they are, then being against something makes it more prevalent in your experience and all those you influence.  In a more subtle way when you push back against someone who is against something that you do, you give power to those who are against you.  This is the reason there is so much of what we don’t want in life to the degree that we are focusing on what we don’t want.  This is also a source of unnecessary stress.

The only reason events and people in our life show us what we don’t want is to give us a choice in this world of duality and diversity.  In the moment that you notice something you don’t like or want for yourself, or those you love, then you have more clarity about what you do want.  Give your attention, focus and thought to what you want and you will have more of what you want in life.

It is not your job to eradicate what you don’t want but rather to create what you do want.  You are a creative being and your attention to something will only create more of it.  That means to think about what you want as often as possible.  Dream about what you want as often as possible.  Do not talk about your complaints or things you don’t like.  Talk about the circumstances you do love and like in your life.  Find people and events to appreciate in your moments.

It is so rewarding to do this for in the moment you are thinking about a wonderful walk on the beach or the beautiful sunshine or the smile of a child you feel good.  We have been led to believe that feeling good is irresponsible and selfish.  We have been taught that feeling good is not realistic, whatever that means.  If you look at our world and think it isn’t perfect and there is much that is wrong then you will see the evidence of how being unselfish, responsible and realistic can affect the world.

Of course all the unselfish, responsible and realistic people will say that the world is the way it is because we need more people to be this way.  I think they mean well but have missed the truth of our creative essence.  In their quest to help they are actually adding to the problems.  The good news is that one person aligned with their magnificent truth is more powerful than millions out of alignment.

If you were against rape, be for empowered women and protective men instead.  If you were against abused children, be for happy cherished children and empowered parents instead.  If you were against homelessness, envision those who want homes having homes.  If you were against violence, know that those who want peace will have it.

There are no victims in this world.  Any person who can do anything heinous or violent or nasty is in more pain than the person considered the victim.  The good news is that each individual is so very powerful and unlimited that at any moment they can chose differently and live a new life.  Do not feel sorry for anyone for that diminishes their true self and decreases the chance that they will connect with it and live a better life.

All things are in perfect order in this time space reality that we eternal beings play in and all you planned to do is create the life of your dreams.  When you easily flow the creative power into your dream life you empower the rest of us to do the same.  When you waste your creative power creating what you don’t want by giving it your attention then you decrease your power and sometimes turn it inward against yourself.

When you think about what you want and revel in the pleasure of it you empower yourself and the world.  When you enjoy a moment of sensory pleasure or enjoy the company of a person you add to the pleasure in the world.  When you appreciate a beautiful picture or scene in nature you add to the beauty of the world.  When you find your powerful center and can see it in everyone you meet and see, you increase the chance that they will remember and connect to theirs.

Life was meant to be easy and flow from your desire.  This doesn’t mean you won’t help someone who appears to need it.  It just means you will recognize the gift they give you by appearing to need help and allowing you to help for the sheer pleasure of it.

You are a magnificent, amazing and unlimited being.  There is nothing you can’t be, do or have in the next moment and you have an eternity to enjoy all of those moments.

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