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Work Place Stress

Once again let me remind all that stress is about fear and fear is about forgetting who you really are.  You are a magnificent spectacular unlimited eternal being.  That is really all there is to eliminating stress in the work place, not just coping with it or managing it.

That means magnificent creator of worlds that you casted all the players and gave them their scripts which they dutifully play out under your amazing direction.  You are also playing the part in someone else’s play.  Have you ever done something out of character and wondered why you did it?  Well someone else’s scene called for a certain part and you were it at that moment.

You will find that as you own and recognize your amazing power in this experience and remember your magnificence things will seem to fall into place.  People will treat you differently.  Stress will not only be less but gone.  Those that have a different agenda and need drama and discomfort in their life will avoid you or they will be different around you.

I am not saying drama and discomfort are bad things or good things but I am saying that you are creating it in your life without exception.  How many of us go to the movies to watch some heart wrenching story and cry our eyes out and then talk about how good that movie was?  How many of us watch a horror film and are scared to death and if we aren’t scared enough it wasn’t good enough?  Well a lifetime is way shorter in comparison to your eternity.   Every being gets to do it differently and what you love in life may be torture to another.  What you find stressful may be exhilarating to another.

Many times while forgetting how powerful we are we lash out with our thoughts of judgment and blame and don’t realize that every thought affects all things including us.  It is like Thor sending out a lightning bolt that comes right back around to hit him as well as his intended target.  You don’t have to do anything or say anything; the thought alone does the work.

So how does all this relate to your work place stress and how can you get rid of it.  As they say in the Matrix you have to swallow the blue or red pill and accept the truth.  The truth being that the very annoying person you work with is also a magnificent spectacular being who has forgotten.  You have to accept the truth that you are the creator of your every experience and for now you may have forgotten how to create on purpose.

When someone seems to cause you a negative emotion or stress or anger that is the time to stop, take a few breaths and remember how wonderful you are.  Nothing anyone can say or do can take that away and the more moments you spend remembering just how spectacular you are the less you will have these dramas appearing in your life.

There will be times when you feel someone is not doing what they are supposed to do or doing it the “right” way.  In that moment realize that the “right” way is arbitrary and release your need to be right.  If you can, in your thoughts, truly look at all the data in life you will find what is “right” changes all the time.  You may have to correct the action but when you come from a place of not judging it always goes much better for everyone.

Fearing the loss of your job is another stress born of not owning your truth.  In many cases people lose their jobs because they don’t love what they do.  I have yet to find someone who loved their job and got fired.  Isn’t getting fired from a job you hate or complain about constantly the natural expectation?  The best way to keep your job, assuming you want to, is to find good things about it to think and talk about.  Avoid the temptation of complaining with others and to yourself.  Train your mind to think about the positive even if that is only a paycheck.

The last thing I will mention is that if your job and your paycheck are not enough for you then thinking good thoughts about it is the fastest way to improve your situation.  While you are looking for reasons to appreciate your work and the people you work with spend some time imagining what you want next.   The imagining should be you living the “next thing” not watching it in a movie.  You can see your hands opening your paycheck to see it double what it was.  You can see yourself shaking the hand of the person who is congratulating you about your new position or job.  See it from your point of view.  Make it short and sweet and do it often.  You will know when you are doing it right because it will feel good.

Master your mind and make it do your bidding.  Enjoy every moment magnificent spectacular amazing you.  You truly do deserve and have the means to have it all easily.

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