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Stress is merely a habit




Question all things:  Why do we accept the idea that life is stressful?  When you realize that every stress in not about what is happening but rather about what you think about what is happening.  Every situation can be approached without stress if you change how you think about yourself and what you think about the circumstances.  Even the death of a loved one when approached from the idea of your loved one being in a state of love and joy and unlimited experience changes your feelings.  Much of our stress about losing a loved one is about regret and change.  When you realize you are doing the best you can in every moment no matter how you have been beating yourself up, you can let go of regret.  When you realize that no matter what door closes, many more are opening and you will find a sliver of your loved one in every door you open until your life is overflowing.  When you realize you never lose anything but rather all that is important to you becomes more as you give your attention to appreciating the gifts you have.  Sometimes stress is just accepted because everyone tells you something will be stressful.  It is a way for people to connect sharing their stress.  The problem with that is stress causes illness and decreases your ability to make your life work for you.  The habit of accepting stress as the only way to handle certain situations is just that, a habit.  If you question it, you will see clearly that most situations are not really stressful.  No one is actually being hurt or threatened or starved.  If you take your power back and direct your mind to think in new ways you can navigate life without stress.  When you are not in “stress mode” you are more able to enjoy your moments, find beautiful people and things to appreciate and that will allow great things to happen in your life without effort.  Your are magnificent, unlimited and eternal…how could anything stress you out from that perspective.

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