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You truly have the power




Question all things: Why should we question all things? Very simply to find out what works in our lives to make it better and what doesn’t. In questioning all things and not accepting them blindly because your parents believed something to be true, or your teachers, or friends or society or church or work or whom or whatever, you open yourself to finding out how amazing you truly are. When you really look at all the data we have about how this experience of physical reality works you will find that there is nothing consistently true but the idea that each individual creates their own reality with the content of their thoughts and beliefs which are just practiced thoughts. Practice the thoughts that speak about how spectacular you are and how you are unlimited and how wonderful life is and how much more wonderful it is going to be. If some belief or thought works in your life then keep it, if it makes you feel bad about yourself of someone else or some event then change how you think about it or don’t think about it at all. There are plenty of thoughts for you to CHOOSE in every moment with your amazing and creative mind. Why choose one that doesn’t feel good. In the practice of good feeling thoughts you will see the proof that you have the power to make changes in your life happen with ease and yes magical things will happen.
Enjoy your powerful and magnificent life.

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