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Take care of your now




I find it amazing that we, who are the true masters of our own mind, have trouble staying in the moment. We miss the beauty, we miss opportunities to feel joy, we miss the pleasure, we miss the amazing gift of creating the next moment.
We have the capacity to make the next moment exactly what we want and then from that moment make a new choice and make the next one even better.
We are only limited by our own belief in limitations. We let our creative force be distracted by the data generated by authority, friends, family, coworkers, media, and our own pre-programmed belief system.
Liberate your mind from the prison that you have made for yourself and you will do more for this world than all the propaganda to end every known “evil” that ever existed. Enjoy, and that is the key, your life in this moment. Yes right now for there is no other now and now is all we have eternally.

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