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Do Not Glorify or Vilify Struggle




Do not glorify or vilify suffering, struggle or hardship. It is not a badge of honor nor is it a sign of weakness. In all cases it is just one powerful being who forgot. It is NOT necessary except when it happens apparently the person was so out of touch with his or her power it became necessary.
Glorifying the hardship is not the answer but celebrating the remembering is awesome. Celebrating the new life of ease and joy and pleasure and amazing experiences is empowering.
The ones that truly live their power never speak of hardship or struggle or suffering because they know they were the powerful creative force behind every moment of their lives. They don’t have to forgive anyone because everyone in the play was acting the part they gave them. They only feel free and powerful and uplifted. They know that they have the power to create whatever they want in life and focus on doing just that. They are not amazing because they suffered but because they realize they never had to and now choose differently.

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