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Tell an Amazing Story




There is a direct connection to what you think and believe to how you are feeling each moment. Every emotion we have is related to what we are thinking and believing. What we believe are just practiced thoughts that become almost automatic responses. That means if you tell a different story about a past event, a present situation or the future you dream of, you can change how you feel in this very moment to whatever feeling you want. You can make yourself sad, happy, excited, angry or thrilled. You and you alone create the emotion you are having right now regardless of circumstances.
The amazing thing about our human bodies is that thoughts create actual chemical changes, hormone activity and immune system responses. When your thought is creating a good feeling that is an indicator that you are making changes that heal you. When your thoughts are creating a bad feeling you are making changes that cause illness.
You can master your mind in many ways but one of my favorite is the art of storytelling. We all know how to do it so why not start telling yourself some great stories. You can make up any story you want in your mind. You can revamp your past and right a wrong you feel badly about. You can tell a story about what is happening now that just feels better than the story you thought was “right”. You can tell a story about the future as if it were happening right now. Enjoy your new stories and tell them often in your mind and definitely when you are not feeling so great.

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