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Disasters and appreciation





I am constantly fascinated by our fascination with tragedy and disaster. At any given time there are so many trillions of wonderful things happening yet we focus on the disaster. It is also true that at any given time there are tragedies and disasters and letting people know about it helps those in need. I will say that in being made aware of any disaster there are many amazing things to contemplate. Always in the face of disaster there are many so called average people who rise to hero status. Always in the face of disaster there is a focus of love, support and appreciation that radiates from most who are touched or aware. Always in the awareness of a disaster we are given an opportunity to assess how unimportant our own fears and worries and stresses truly are. It gives us an opportunity to appreciate what we have while we have it.
Realize that you have a choice to appreciate and enjoy every part of your life in each moment and don’t wait for a disaster to make you realize how great you have it. It is possible that if we appreciate and enjoy each moment that disasters will be less common. It couldn’t hurt to try. If we are all truly connected then keeping ourselves aware of the good and great things in our life with the knowledge of more amazing things to come should have a ripple affect in all. Who knows there may be silver linings yet to come.
As to the loss of life, I have to believe there is a grand purpose to all and the only ones that suffer are the ones left behind. They can choose differently, and celebrate the gift they had, with comfort in the knowledge that their loved ones are well and safe and happy.

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