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The Month of June and Celebrating Your Own Magnificence

So we are entering June, my favorite month of all … first of all because it is my birthday month and I celebrate the entire month. Actually every year it gets longer so now I start from Memorial Day weekend until July 4th and by the time I am 90 it will just be a continuous celebration … lol. I apologize to all of you having birthdays in the months I am overlapping, but then again, there is no limit to celebration. Not only is there no limit to celebration, but in celebrating anything, everyone included is empowered, has fun, experiences joy and is uplifted.

Isn’t it funny how we give ourselves a break from our usual self flagellation when we have something we feel is worthy of celebrating, be it a graduation, a wedding, a birth etc? Why not find something to celebrate everyday and even more powerful is to find something in your own life to celebrate every day.

It may sound selfish that I celebrate my own birthday for longer than a month, but then I am a sincere believer in taking care of loving self before you have anything of worth to give another. It is my opinion that I have something very worthy to give everyone because I truly enjoy me thoroughly and therefore I can enjoy you even more. In my enjoying of you unconditionally, you will experience the energy that forms universes showered upon you and possibly then recognize the truth of your own magnificence. For you see I can’t be magnificent without first knowing it about every person, whether they choose to embrace it or not. Wouldn’t life be so much more fun if we all awakened to our own spectacular unlimited magnificence … and the beauty is, as you awaken you find yourself in the company of others also awakened so in a sense you do actually create a more fun life.

In addition, when I celebrate I am appreciating the wonderful people of my life who have given me countless moments of joy, laughter and love. This is not about gifts but rather the energy of celebration. It is about finding a reason to appreciate something and enhance that appreciation with the company of loved ones, new and old and ones yet to be. It is about putting your priorities in order and loving not only yourself but every one in your life more completely because you love yourself completely.

So lets find crazy ways to celebrate our own lives each day. Today I am celebrating picturesque skies with fluffy clouds, a waterfall and quiet reading of my favorite authors. I am celebrating the beauty of nature and of my children (also part of nature … lol) and the blessing of resources like books that keep you focused and empowered, as well as CDs, Webinars and YouTube … what an amazing time we are experiencing. Tomorrow I am celebrating paperclips! Tuesday I am celebrating paper and pens ( a two for one celebration … lol) and Wednesday I am celebrating forks. Stay tuned for the next celebrations to come.


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