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Rampaging Appreciation

Appreciation is an emotion that has not only been proven scientifically to improve your health, stimulate your immune system and in general wash your brain and body in great healing neurotransmitters and hormones but is also the way to improve what you create powerfully in your every experience and adds to all people and projects that are influenced by you whether you are near them or not.

You may think that appreciation is something you randomly feel when you find yourself in circumstances that evoke that emotion but you are easily capable of going there on purpose. Abraham of the infamous Jerry and Esther Hicks website which provides books and CDs and a ton of free reading information as well as workshops all over the country and an enormous amount of YouTube material to listen to free as well talks of rampages of appreciation.

Let me demonstrate how you might use something as simple as a paperclip to create the feeling of appreciation. I am thinking of a paperclip, how in my youth finding how they could easily keep things together especially papers. I remember finding it sort of exciting to see large amounts of paperclips in offices in school and the different sizes and colors and shapes. Seems you could think of many things to do with them, string them together and unwind them and reform them just for the sake of doing it. I am appreciating all those moments of fun and convenience.

Paperclip DelmiMDNow I take that a step further and appreciate the stores that supply them in this vast array at very little cost. I appreciate the store clerk, the stock guy and now the owner of the store who is providing me a place to easily access this item. I imagine how appreciative these people are for their jobs or business. I appreciate the truck driver who delivers the goods imagining the driving through beautiful vistas while delivering the goods. I imagine the factory workers who manufacture paperclips and the owner of the factory, happy to have a job or a business, enjoying their coworkers, kind of a family operation.

I appreciate the materials and the supply of the materials that make the paperclips and all the people who go into making that happen. The mining of metals for the metal ones and the making of plastic for the plastic ones. I appreciate the inventors and builders of all the machines and mechanisms that bring this simple item to my life. Then I think of the original inventor and what it took to make the first paperclip. I know that maybe not all is sunny and rosy through all of this but I appreciate the possible great moments that occur in the creating of my experience of a simple paperclip and I also appreciate any struggle that went into my experience as well.

I go even further to appreciate a world of resources and ingenuity that created such a simple convenience and made it easy to obtain. When you start thanking every person that ever came into contact with your personal paperclip you start to realize how much there is to appreciate in every little thing, every little experience. I appreciate the earth we inhabit for providing the resources and atmosphere for people to live and invent and enjoy. There is no end to appreciation in any aspect of life really.

If you can find so much to appreciate in just a simple paper clip (and the world is full of, just think of purposely rampaging appreciation about any thing you want, anywhere you want, any time you want … and when you get in the habit of appreciating the world will blossom into magical circumstances for you. The lovely part is that it will feel good getting there.


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