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The Real You is Free

Freedom and authenticity go hand in hand. When you are free you can be yourself and when you are yourself you are free. The real you and not the one layered with drama and false insecurities, misguided beliefs and judgment will be drawn by joy and desire and dreams and pleasure. The real you will see beauty in all things and chose the beauty that has the most draw. The real you will know that happiness in every moment leads to more happiness in the next moment. The real you will find the lesson within yourself when in uncomfortable experiences and not find fault or blame thus uncovering the more expanded capable version of the real you. The real you just keeps getting better and better but is already perfect in your authentic “youness”.
The real you will love you unconditionally and enjoy being alone and enjoy sharing the real you with others. Someone who is authentic is always a gift and tends to uplift others and celebrate their authenticity as well.
When you stop trying to be someone else or force things to fit in some pattern or hold on to things or people that aren’t all that you enjoy because of some misguided loyalty or rule or tradition…you are free to find what really makes your heart sing, your soul expand and your life become the life dreams are made of.
Step out onto the new path of you and smile a lot, laugh a lot, do things that you love a lot, spend time with people who enhance all of that and don’t look back.
Love and appreciation to all you magnificent amazing people.

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